Coventry insulation grants

Loft insulation grants and cavity wall insulation grants are available in Coventry.

Did you know your poorly insulated home is losing up to 60% of it’s heat you have paid for. Find out if you qualify for an insulation grant in Coventry in under 2 minutes and start saving on your energy bills every single day.

All the paperwork is done for you and it may even be free depending in your age or if your on certain benefits if not at worst you may have to pay a few hundred pounds

which you will recover in energy savings with 24 months, it really is that simple. Installing Government grant funded cavity wall and loft insulation also helps to prevent condensation as your interior surfaces of each wall and your ceilings will be much warmer.

The Government’s new Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) is designed to reduce CO2 emissions which will reduce our need for overseas oil and by doing your part we shall have less need for additional nuclear power stations both of which make the UK a safer and cheaper place to live in.

The major utility companies (British Gas, Eon, NPower, EDF, etc.) are providing funding right now in Coventry as part of the CERT scheme. No matter who your utility company is , if you live in Coventry you can still claim your home insulation grant for the installation of loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Loft and cavity wall insulation will help to reduce the heat lost in your homes. Your heating can be turned on less often and for shorter periods, thereby saving you money every single day on your energy bills, plus keep you warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

Still need a bit more information check out our home page for an overview of the loft insulation grants and cavity wall insulation grants and the benefits of installing insulation in your home.

Apply right now to access your loft grants and cavity wall insulation grants in Coventry.

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